Contemporary erotic romance... 

A sexy case of mistaken identity... 

Isabella Tallin knows sorority initiations are secretive affairs, but when a gorgeous guy in a hot red convertible arrives at the designated street corner to pick her up, she can't believe he’s part of tonight’s rite...

Logan Sommers can’t believe the innocent-looking girl waiting for him is the sexually-jaded client who hired his company to fulfill her wildest fantasies, but who is he to argue?  So he whisks her away for a  wickedly sensual night of bondage, ménage and more!

Contemporary fairy tale romance... 

In her position, what would you do?

Three months ago, I woke in a hospital ER. Poisoned. With no memory or money. On the day I was discharged, my ER doc offered to let me move in with him and his 6 friends. I only planned to stay until my memory returned & I could figure out if someone really had tried to kill me, but something about these seven men attracted me powerfully enough to want to explore it. Intimately.


That is, until the day my fiancé showed up...

True life romance...


Two dozen romance authors tell the true life stories of how they met their husbands, including me!

Science Fiction romance...

Kyrie was mysteriously abandoned as a child when her people the Ouri fled the planet Sirene.  She's grown up among the planet’s ‘other’ race to become Mistress of Justice alongside Sirene’s dictatorial ruler Galen, but Kyrie’s unique biology dictates she must now find an Ourian to mate with or die. 

Proteus returns to Sirene to rescue the child accidentally left behind, but through a trick of time, he finds a woman he is forbidden to mate with, even to save her life. And when Galen forces Proteus to sexually service Kyrie, Proteus uses every trick at his disposal - short of mating - all while plotting his and Kyrie's escape.


Galen and Proteus are desperate to save Kyrie's life for very different reasons – but they both know the fate of their planet depends on her survival.

The Tau Cetus Chronicles....

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