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Excerpt from Programmed To Protect by Jenna Ives

“Are you really not familiar with Beautiful Dolls sexbots?” the programmer Titus Veraine asked in disbelief.

Tau Cetus police agent Leith Wyatt hesitated. “Of course I know about them. Everyone does. Or, rather, they did, since they’re no longer being manufactured. But I never saw one in person.”

Veraine shook his head. “Damned shame. All the Dolls have been re-commissioned into robot soldiers.” He paused, then winked. “Except for a select few.”

Wyatt’s eyebrow went up. “What do you mean ‘a select few’?”

Veraine gave Wyatt a sly smile, and jerked his head for Wyatt to follow him. The two men walked over to what looked like a small utility closet. Gripping the handle of the door, Veraine slowly eased it open.

Wyatt’s mouth literally dropped open at what he saw there. A naked female, eyes closed, obviously a Beautiful Doll. The sexbot had gorgeous red hair that flowed down to caress her creamy white shoulders. Double-D breasts that tempted him to reach out and fill his hands with their lush fullness. Curvy hips that would cradle a man while he sank himself deep inside her. Hell, even her lips were full and pouty, an unspoken invitation if ever Wyatt saw one. The robot screamed sex; he could feel himself responding just at the mere sight of her.

Veraine’s sly smile widened. “This is Ginger. She was Beautiful Dolls’ most popular model.”

Wyatt blinked. Ginger was the most popular model? He could certainly believe it.

“She’s in her hibernation mode right now.” Veraine turned toward the Doll. “Ginger? Say hello to Leith Wyatt.”

The Beautiful Doll slowly opened her eyes, and Wyatt’s jaw dropped even further. The sexbot’s eyes were a deep emerald green, and had an almost starburst quality to them. They were beautiful.

“Hello, Leith Wyatt,” she purred.

Good God. The sexbot’s voice was a verbal caress, smooth as silk. Those two simple words were an erotic come-on in themselves. Wyatt felt himself get even harder. He threw Veraine a glance, unable to hide his look of amazement.

Veraine laughed, then shrugged. “Hey, I’m working day and night programming soldiers for the High Council. I deserve a little…stress relief.” He glanced down at his watch, then back up at Wyatt. “Listen… I, um, I’m going to go out onto the floor for a few minutes. Yeah. I’ll be back in ten minutes.” He tilted his head toward Ginger, then lowered his voice. “Beautiful Dolls are history, my friend. If you were ever curious about them, you should…indulge…that curiosity while I’m gone. It could be the only chance you’ll ever have.”

Wyatt stared at Veraine, speechless. Was the man actually suggesting that Wyatt have sex with the Doll while Veraine was out on the factory floor?

Veraine gave him that sly smile again. “Ten minutes. I’ll close the door on my way out to give you privacy.” He threw a glance at the sexbot. “Ginger? Why don’t you demonstrate your special brand of fellatio for agent Wyatt while I’m gone?”

“Yes, Titus.”

With that, the programmer turned and left the lab, pulling the door firmly closed behind him.

What the hell—

Trying to rein in his frantic thoughts, Wyatt anxiously looked at the Doll. Ginger was smiling at him, a sweet smile, exposing perfect white teeth. Damn, she was beautiful, the most beautiful woman he’d ever –

Stop it! She’s not a woman, she’s a machine!

Ginger reached out a hand to grab onto his belt, and then sank gracefully to her knees in front of him.


Wyatt’s panicked words sounded desperate even to his own ears. But what exactly was he desperate for?

Was he desperate to stop her, or desperate to know exactly what she was capable of?

No. This was insane. He couldn’t possibly let her perform fellatio on him, not even her own ‘special brand’ of fellatio – whatever the hell that was – despite the fact he was hard as a rock and very willing to find out.

Beautiful Dolls are history. You may never have this chance again.

Damn Veraine for putting that thought into his head. The sexual skills of a Beautiful Doll were legendary, but Wyatt had often wondered whether the legend was actual truth or just a good marketing ploy.

This was his chance to find out.

“No, no, I can’t.” He had a job to do here. One that certainly did not include a detour for oral sex.

Ginger looked up at him, her perfect smile fading. “If you refuse, Titus Veraine will be angry with me.”

Wyatt paused. Veraine had given her an order, and she was programmed to please.

Before he could figure out the best way to deal with this outrageous situation, Ginger’s grip on his belt tightened, holding him in place, while her other hand slowly but determinedly eased down the zipper of his blue dress pants.

Dear God. The robot Doll had the strength of twenty men. He couldn’t stop her even if he tried.

So don’t try, that wicked voice in his head argued.

Wyatt’s body shuddered in surrender, and his eyes rolled back into his head as the Doll’s mouth closed around him.

 Copyright © 2014 by Jenna Ives

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